Lo que dicen nuestros miembros de la comunidad

Kimberly (NJ - EEUU)

He tomado esta clase tres veces. Cada vez que entiendo más y más. Hoy en día, sé que no entendía las direcciones perfectamente, y estaba confundida, pero estoy aprendiendo a hacer errores y aprender de ellos en lugar de estar enojada. Además, los maestros son realmente agradables y siempre ayudan.


Great event. Its and introductory session to an extended course of classes for which there is a fee. I enjoyed the class and the presenters enough that I would consider the full program, but my schedule does not permit it at this time.


Awesome event for intermediate learners of Spanish! Welcoming host and level appropriate activities. Thank you! 

Michelle Shaw

These sessions are very informative, they allow you to practice your speaking and listening skills, and they are a lot of fun 

Gina Smith 

At sometimes I could understand what the hosts were saying but the powerpoints helped and i enjoyed listening to the coversations in spanish and getting to hear accents . I was also able to learn new words from other participant as I used a spanish dictionary to translate words new to me that were in the chat 

Terry Taylor Barker

I am a beginner and I felt welcomed and fairly able to keep up with the class. The hosts were terrific. I liked the printed questions on the shared screen which gave me the chance to read and follow along. Well done! 

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