Courses & Costs

What is Cada Dia?

In Spanish, Cada Dia means "every day"—it's a new and innovative way to learn Spanish using video chat and social networks. Our courses are designed to help you learn and comprehend a new language through cultural and social exchanges, games, and other interactive activities with other students. 

Our curriculum includes eight weeks of intensive learning covering eight different subjects each week. Our online classroom events encourage students to actively participate by listening, speaking, and writing designed to make learning easy and fun.

8-Week Spanish Course

Cada Dia's 8-week Spanish language class is a virtual immersion program that uses a social learning approach to language acquisition. Here's how it works:

8-Week Course: $149.99

Classes begin
June 12, 2023!

  • 40 hours of online activities & 20 hours of self-study
  • Daily Zoom meetings to listen, learn, & speak
  • Daily Spanish language activities to keep you engaged
  • Structured interactions facilitated by teachers
  • Opportunities to connect with other language learners
  • Recorded sessions of class meetings
  • Access to the virtual classroom for self-study

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Cada Dia Syllabus

Cada Dia Book Club

Cada Dia Book Club: $60.00

Love a good book? Then, you'll love our Spanish language book club. 

Cada Dia's 4-week program is a Spanish language book club designed to engage students through reading and discussion.

Twice a week a small group of literature lovers will gather online to read and discuss books in Spanish—with the goal of advancing comprehension and speaking skills

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Cinema Club

Cada Dia Cinema Club: $60.00

If you're a movie buff, Cada Dia's Cinema Club is a terrific way to boost your Spanish language skills—and watch terrific movies.

We meet online XX times a week, talk about the film, engage in games and activities, and even some role playing. So, get ready for your close-up (and your Oscar award Spanish).

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Cada Dia One-on-One Tutoring

Looking for extra-special attention—or classes that fit your schedule? No problem! We offer individual (or small group) tutoring that fits your lifestyle and learning needs. 

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Cada Dia 6-Month Subscription

If you're in search of ongoing, cost-effective Spanish classes, Cada Dia offers students a 6-month subscription package for $219.99 (What a deal!). 

Here's what you get:

  • 6-month enrollment discount
  • Access to the full program, meetings, and clubs
  • Coaching & speaking support
  • Oral assessment 

6-Month Subscription: $219.99

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Let's Socialize!

Kudos for Cada Dia

"I LOVED the Book Club. It was an AMAZING opportunity to read and discuss the book with other students and especially with our
exceptional teachers."

Cynthia S.

"I re-read "Like Water for Chocolate"  because our questions and discussions made me think "outside the box." I am definitely at a higher level in Spanish thanks to Cada Dia Spanish."

— Cynthia G.

"I really like the Cada Dia Book Club and all the interactive activities. The discussions helped me practice and improve my pronunciation and increase my vocabulary!"

Pamela R.