Meet our team. 

Profesionales dedicados a ayudarte

Cada Dia is a new and innovative way to learn languages through e-meetings and social networks. It's designed to help you explore a new language through cultural and social exchanges by interacting directly with other participants. The curriculum includes 8 intense weeks with 8 different subjects that will be covered each week. In each online meeting, all participants will be encouraged to actively participate by speaking, writing, and listening.

At the end of the course, you will receive a certificate of completion. Check out the web meeting schedule for more information.

Learning outcomes for the program: 

  • Have the confidence needed to learn more aboout other learning  speaking people and culture;
  • Participate in authentic conversations with learning  people;
  • Identify songs, articles and stories to share with others 
  • Use practical language learing and conversation tips, when speaking to others 
  • Explore and understand cultural websites 
  • Demonstrate strategies to learn more, to become fluent 
  • Contact other native speaking people and have discussions with them in social media;
  • Find ways to seek out interactions with  people, on vacation or travels;
  • Introduce yourself to other people with confidence.


Director ejecutivo 

Michael p. Henry

Ignacio Medina 

Magister en educación 


Hello, my name is Ignacio Medina and I am a former Fulbright scholar who speaks Spanish (native) and trying to learn everyday English. I am passionate about languages and cultures, I enjoy teaching and learning from my students. Cada Dia connects people with people from all over the world. We learn a foreign language in a social and fun way. It's a pleasure to be a part of this program, and I look forward to building a great community of learners.

I have been teaching Spanish in a traditional classroom setting for 12 years in both Uruguay and the United States. At the same time, Ive been teaching online for more than 10 years. In 2014 I earned a Masters degree in Education and Technology from Buffalo State College in Buffalo, NY where I was later hired to teach both English and Spanish of various levels. I have also worked for non-profit organizations in Uruguay in management roles.

Bárbara A. Avilés 

Lic. en Educación en Entornos virtuales 

Bachelor of Education in Virtual Environments

Hello everyone! I am Barbara or better known as Barbi. I was born in Bahía Blanca Argentina and I live there. My passion for teaching began at a very young age when I began my studies at the National University of the South of Argentina in the Bachelor's degree in Education Sciences. From there I have traveled various paths that have committed me to accompanying the educational trajectories of various people within my city, carrying out experiences in educational institutions and in adult education. In 2020, led by Michael, I began my time at Cada Dia Spanish, as a sales and marketing intern. Today, together with Ignacio, we run the Cada Día Spanish community and, together with Agustina, we develop the classes for the virtual immersion courses. Every day is for me the opportunity to grow, challenge and develop both professionally and personally, it is a constant fun challenge that invites us to reinvent ourselves and generate the best projects and ideas for the community.

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