Programas de 8 semanas  español-inglés e inglés-español

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Online Live Meetings

Weekly live zoom meetings, Monday through Friday coordinated by the facilitators and with various participation opportunities.

Native Teachers-Facilitators

Native facilitators will be in charge of coordinating the virtual classes, as well as grading the activities we have at the Aula Virtual.

Aula virtual 

Self-regulated activities in the virtual classroom that accompany each week's subject.

Member Benefits

-Spatial Chat - Online Plaza for talking

-Moderate WhatsApp group

-Priority to participate in live classes

-Certificate of completion.

Curso intensivo de 8 semanas

The Eight Week Session - Monthly Membership. Cada Dia Spanish Program is a Virtual Immersion Language Learning Experience. Cada Día uses a social learning approach to language acquisition. Join the next Eight Week Session to enjoy the full benefits of the social language learning community. Your progress is tracked and native language facilitators support your learning.

  • Daily Web Meeting - Listen - Speak - Learn
  • Informal Social Interactions
  • Seven simply daily activities
  • Native Language Facilitators
  • Connect with Spanish people learning to speak English
  • Enjoy learning in a casual, fun learning community.

Curso intensivo Spanish 8 semanas. (40hs + 20hs Online activities) 

Starting February

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Pago Único del curso de 8 semanas 119.99 USD

Cinema Club

Cinema Club is a special course that is made up of live meetings with limited seats and online activities in the virtual classroom, which are specially designed for each film and related to it. In each meeting we will talk about the selected film and we will do different activities, games, and role-playing games

Hot Sale - Club del Libro

Club del libro 

Special program to practice Spanish-English through the reading of different books.

In small reading groups, and with facilitators leading the gatherings, community members meet twice a week to share classic literary stories.

This 4-week program is designed for a greater participation of the participants, since they are courses with limited quotas, guaranteeing the interactivity of all the members, such as the understanding of the texts worked on.

Tutorías 1-1 

Don't miss out on the chance to learn a new language with native speakers in a personified environment and with the ability to select the topics to work on, as well as the facilitator you want to work with.

The 1-1 tutorials are spaces designed so that proximity in language, comfort, and exclusivity are the main characteristics of this experience.

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Free Chat Sessions

We combine the Cada Dia English and Cada Dia Spanish communities in a Social Chat Session. Try it for Free. Register for the next session. You will be able to move around in a virtual room to speak Spanish or help Spanish speakers learn to speak English.


Paquete por 10 horas de tutorías, donde podrás elegir el tutor que desees, la forma en la que puedes utilizar las horas y los contenidos de los encuentros.

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